Internal Assessment Report Format

Title Page

1. Title

2. Student name and number

3. Subject and level

4. Date, month and year of submission

5. word count (not including abstract or references)


1. Summary of aims

2. Summary of methods

3. Summary of results

4. Conclusion (approx. 150 words)


1. Aim

2. Identification and explanation of study being replicated


(Use the bolded words as sub-heads under this section)

1. Design: type and justification of design, controls, ethical considerations, identification of variables

2. Participants: characteristics of target population sampling techniques

3. Materials: list of materials used, reference to copies in appendices (informed consent forms must be included in appendices!)

4. Procedures: itemized in sufficient detail to allow full replication


1. Interpretation of descriptive statistics

2. Graphs/tables where appropriate (may-and should-be computer generated)


1. Discussion of results

2. Linking of results to study being replicated

3. Identification of strengths and limitations of methodology

4. Suggestions for modification and further research

References 1. Works cited within the report

1. Supplementary information

2. One copy of instrument(s) used

3. Copy of standardized instructions and debriefing notes

4. Informed consent form

Words 1000-1500