English II PreAP 4th 9 Weeks Syllabus

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Date Material Covering What to Bring to Class Due
Day 1/March 22

Advanced Sentence Structures/Wuthering Heights, Chs. 1-6

Literary terms handout (click here)Degen Book, WH

Read Chs. 1-6
Day 2/March 24

Wuthering Heights, Chs. 7-11/Advanced Sentence Structures

Degen Book, WH Grammar Hmwk/Read Chs.7-11
Day 3/March 26

Wuthering Heights, Chs. 12-17

"Ultimate Guide to Literary Terms" /Degen Book/WH Grammar Hmwk/Read Chs. 12-17
Day 4/March 30 Excerpt from Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own/Wuthering Heights 18-21 Virginia Woolf Excerpt (click here)/WH Voc. Unit 10/Thesis and Outline for Research Paper/Read Chs. 18-21
Day 5/April 1 Wutheirng Heights 22-25 WH Virginia Woolf Response paper/Read Chs. 22-25
Day 6/April 5 Wuthering Heights 26-30 WH Voc. Unit 11/Read Chs. 26-30
Day 7/April 7 Wuthering Heights 31-34/Preparation for Graded Discussion Game WH Finish WH
Day 8/April 9 Wuthering Heights Graded Discussion Game Materials for Graded Discussion game(click here for specifications and groups) Voc. Unit 12
Day 9/April 13

Research Project Oral Presentations


Materials for Oral Presentations Oral Research Projects
Day 10/April 15 Research Project Oral Presentations Materials for Oral Presentation Oral Resaerch Projects
Day 11/April 19 D.H. Lawrence, "Snake," Phobias Purple literature book, or print poem from here. Phobias article, found here Year Research Paper
Day 12/April 21 Excerpt from Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass Handouts of excerpts, found here  
Day 13/April 23 T.S. Eliot, "J. Alfred Prufrock" Eliot book Lawrence Response Papers
Day 14/April 27 T.S. Eliot, "J. Alfred Prufrock" and Hamlet: Ontological Questions Eliot book/Hamlet excerpt, found here  
Day 15/April 29 Exam: Bronte through Eliot   Eliot Response Papers
Day 16/May 3 Lord of the Flies, Ch. 1-3 Lord of the Flies book  
Day 17/May 5 Lord of the Flies, Ch. 4-6 Lord of the Flies book  
Day 18/May 7 Many Students taking Euro AP Exam Lord of the Flies book  
Day 19/May 11 Lord of the Flies, Ch. 7-9 Lord of the Flies book  
Day 20/May 13 Lord of the Flies, Ch. 10-12 Lord of the Flies book/ LOTF Response Paper
Day 21/May 17 Wuthering-LOTF Graded Discussion game preparation Game preparation materials  
Day 22/May 19 Wuthering-LOTF Graded Discussion Game Game preparation materials  
Day 23/May 21 Review for Final Exam    
Day 24/May 25      
Day 25/May 27      
Day 26/May 31      



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