Gandalf: 'Gandalf' is said to mean 'elf of the wand' in the tongue of Northern men. He had many names, including Incánus, Mithrandir, Olórin, Tharkûn and Stormcrow.

Gandalf was a Maiar who was chosen to join the Istari - five wizards who were sent to Middle-earth. When he arrived at the Grey Havens, Círdan realised that he was the wisest of the Istari, and entrusted him with Narya, the Ring of Fire. He was also the last to arrive.

He looked older than the others of his order, grey-haired, dressed in grey and leaning on a staff. He wore a blue hat and a silver scarf with his ash-grey cloak.

He was a wanderer, a pilgrim. He never lived in a fixed place or gathered wealth or belongings. He travelled around and befriended people in need. He became very friendly with the Elves, especially Elrond. He was also the only Istari to pay any attention to the hobbits.

He was famous among the hobbits for his fireworks, and for sending innocent hobbits off into the blue for adventures. One of these hobbits was Bilbo Baggins, who went on the Quest of Erebor. From the hobbits he got his love for pipe-weed.

He played a large part in the War of the Ring, being a councillor, advisor and a member of the Fellowship. When the Fellowship passed through Moria he battled a Balrog and fell into the shadow. He died, but he was sent back again to fulfill what his original Istari mission.

When he was sent back, he was clothed all in white, and had become Gandalf the White. When the war was over, he crowned Aragorn King of Gondor.

He then sailed on a ship to the West, with the other Ring-bearers.