Independent Literaturel Assignment

In order to better prepare students for the sort of independent critical thinking expected by AP and IB, students will select a novel or play from an approved list and engage in their own independent analysis with minimal help from the teacher. This project will take the majority of the year to complete in its entirety. Students will have ample opportunities to meet with me individually during tutorials before or after school, and each student will be required to meet with me before turning in their final 1000 to 1250 draft of the paper in May.

This final draft will be written on a topic of the students choosing, taken from one of the following broad categories as they relate to the work as a whole:
µ Characterization
µ Conflict/Action
µ Setting
µ Style
µ Purpose

Step One: Work Selection

List of Available Works

Step Two: Pertinent Questions

Step Three: Question Formulation

Rubric for Final Draft