Oral Discussion Grading Rubric

10 (100) A superior answer that answer each part of the question using analytical voice, with proper textual support, transitions, and commentary. These responses will also link the pertinent literary work to a larger issue in contemporary society or some other literary work (I.e. connecting Scrooge's bitterness with Satan’s bitterness in Paradise Lost). NOTE: Connecting to another work is important, but should not dominate your response. If the connection dominates your response, then you are really analyzing that work, not the work in question.
9 (92) Answers the question specifically, with appropriate textual support, transition, and commentary. Pays attention to poetic/rhetorical devices and analyzes their effect. Connects part effectively to whole, and connects to other literary work, but the connection to literary work is awkward, or inappropriate.
8 (84) Comment answers question, but is missing either textual support or transitions. OR perhaps comment does not discuss the effect of poetic/rhetorical devices. OR, comment does not connect part to the work as a whole OR does not connect WH to another literary work.
7 (76) Comment lacks true insight. Comment lacks reference to text OR discussion or poetic/rhetorical devices OR connection of part to a whole, OR connect WH to another literary work.
6 (68) Comment is unacceptably brief, but displays some understand of the question. Does not discuss effect of devices or use transitions appropriately, or quote text. Ends comment with (um….yeah).
5 (60) Makes comment, but comment is essentiall irrelevant and does not refer to the text.
Below 5 5 and below. Does not address the question, does not speak with the exception of “everything’s been said,” or “I agree with him,” or something like that.