IB SL Psychology 2nd 9 Weeks Syllabus



Assigned Readings

Papers, Quizzes and Such

1: 10/12

Social Learning Theory (Animal and Human Social Systems)


Myers Ch. 18, Social Psychology

Gray Ch. 3, Genetic and Evolutionary Foundations of Behavior

Dewsbury, “What Comparative Psychology is About”

Bryant, “Zoological Connection: Animal-Related Human Behavior”

Whiten, “Cultures of Chimpanzees”

Schusterman, “How Animals Classify Friends and Foes”

Packer, “Divided We Fall: Cooperation among Lions”

Nowak, “The Arithmetics of Mutual Help”

Social Psychology Debate

2: 10/14

3: 10/18

Learning Perspective Timed Writing

4: 10/20

The Brain and Behavior

Myers Ch 2, Neuroscience and Behavior

Response Paper: Neurosicence and Behavior

5: 10/22

Brain Plasticity


“Brain Pasticity, Learning and Mental Retardation”


“Brain, Repair Yourself”


“Simulating Brain Damage”


“The Mutable Brain”


“Mental Retardation and Brain Plasticity”


“How the Blind Draw”


“Brain Plasticity and Behavior”


“Phantom Limbs”




Response Paper: Brain Plasticity

6: 10/26

Myers Ch. 2 Vocabulary Quiz

7: 10/28

Culture, Biology, Gender and their Effects on Aggression, Suicide and Fear

Readings, Group 1

Kimura, “Sex Differences in the Brain”

--“Measures of Man”

Nisbett, “Men, Honor and Murder”

Shermer, “Psyched Up, Psyched Out”


Readings, Group 2

Felson, “Aggression and Violence Between Siblings”

Felson, “Parental Punishment and Sibling Aggression”


Readings, Group 3

de Waal, “The End of Nature Versus Nurture”

Baumiester, “Violent Pride”

Craig, “Defeated Athletes, Abusive Mates?”

--“Hidden Scars”


Readings, Group 4

Malone, “Generalization and Containment: Different Effects of Past Aggression for Wives and Husbands”

Miles-Doan, “Violence between Spouses and Intimates: Does Neighborhood Context Matter?”


Readings, Group 5

Frank, “Fatal Sibling Aggression, Precocial Development, and Androgens in Neonatal Spotted Hyenas”

Vom Saal, “High Fetal Estrogen Concentrations: Correlation with Increased Adult Sexual Activity and Decreased Aggression in Male Mice

Mock, “Siblicidal Aggression and Resource Monopolization in Birds


Readings, Group 6

Ezzell, “The Neuroscience of Suicide”

Kalin, “The Neurobiology of Fear”

--“Suicide Prevention”

Dimberg, “Frear of Snakes and Facial Reactions: A Case of Rapid Emotional Responding”

Ohman, “The Malicious Serpent: Snakes as a Prototypical Stimulus for an Evolved Module of Fear”


Due 11/3: Response Papers on Selected Topics relating to Culture, Biology, Gender and their Effects on Aggression, Suicide and Fear

8: 11/1

9: 11/3

10: 11/5

11: 11/9

12: 11/11

13: 11/15

14: 11/17

15: 11/19

Dysfunctional Behavior and Therapy

Myers, Ch. 15: Psychological Disorders

Vallee, “Alcohol in the Western World”

Doyle, “By the Numbers: Coke, Crack, Speed, et. al”

Leibenluft, “Why Are So Many Women Depressed?”

Sonenstein, “Teenage American Males: Growing Up with Risks”

Nemeroff, “The Neurobiology of Depression”

Siegel, “Narcolepsy”

Jamison, “Manic-Depressive Illness and Creativity”

Leutwyler, “Dying to Be Thin”

Javitt, “Decoding Schizophrenia”

Barkley, “Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”

Nestler, “The Addicted Brain”

Shalev, “Biological Responses to Disasters”

Horgan, “Rates of Depression Vary Widely Throughout the World”


Film: Secret Window


11/9 Quiz: Psychological Disorders


11/15 Response Paper: Psychological Disorders


Therapy Readings

Myers, Ch. 16: Therapy

Gibbs, “Seeking the Criminal Element”

Hoffman, “Virtual Reality Therapy”

George, “Stimulating the Brain”

--“Paying Attention”

Soares, “Prescription Privileges Make Some Psychologists Nervous”

Wagenaar, “What’s Wrong with this Picture”

Solms, “Freud Returns”

Klatsky, “Drink to Your Health?”

Hyman, “Diagnosing Disorders”

Landry, “Immunotherapy for Cocaine Addiction”

Horgan, “Why Freud Isn’t Dead”



11/19 Film Paper Due

16: 11/30

12/2: Therapy Quiz

17: 12/2

Therapy RP 1

18: 12/6


19: 12/8

Therapy RP 2

20: 12/10