Final Stages of the Research Project!

Thesis Statement and Outline

Due March 29/30

Worth 1 Minor Grade

I will be checking to ensure that your thesis statement has provided a researchable, arguable opinion. If not, obviously you will need to revise. The outline should contain the major points of the paper, and as many relevant quotes from your research as you intend to use. These may obviously be changed when you get to the paper, but you need to be well on the way to being finished as you can by this point.


Oral Presentations Click Here to see when you are presenting

Due: April 12-16

Worth 1 Major Grade

You will be assigned a time to present you research to the class during these dates. Your presentation will be 8 minutes in length, not less than 7:45 and not more than 8:15, otherwise you will be penalized 1 point per 30 seconds you are under or over time.

This presentation should not just be a reading of your paper. You will use a visual component of some kind, but what that visual component ends up being is up to you. I would stronglysuggest doing a timed PowerPoint Presentation, so that you ensure that your presentation falls into the timelines. I would further suggest making handouts of some kind.


Final Draft of Your Paper

Due April 19/20

Worth 2 Major Grades!

Page requirements:

PreAP 7-8 pages

Regular, 5-6 pages

All papers should be typed, double spaced in a normal type-writer font and in MLA format for in-text citations, heading, and bibliography. You should use at least 6 of your sources in the final draft of the paper, but I am more concerned with your original commentary than the research. Also, I am not interested in a biography of the author...plenty of those already exist! Remember that Mr. Ryder will also be grading these papers, and that 1/3 of your paper should incorporate history into your writing.