Research Methodology.

Introduction to Research Methodology
This part of the course serves two functions:
1. To allow students to develop appropriate practical research skills
2. To enable students to evaluate research encountered in other components of the course.

Knowledge and understanding of quantitative methods and statistical analysis of data will not be externally examined, but will be assessed through the reporting of one simple experimental study.

When students are conducting a partial replication of an experiment, it is sufficient if they produce only descriptive statistics.

The results given in tables and graphs should be inspected, and conclusions drawn on the basis of this inspection. It may be informative to consider measures of standard deviation or dispersion, but at SL students will be assessed only on the descriptive statistics that have been covered.

While studying the perspectives and chosen option, students may encounter a variety of qualitative studies at SL and should be prepared to evaluate these, where appropriate in response to examination questions.


Quantitative research methods