Wuthering Heights Reading Guide

You are not doing reading journals for Wuthering Heights as you did for other works, but I will be taking a cumulative grade on the work you do in annotating and highlighting your novel. You will receive one of 4 grades: 95, 85, 75, or 0! Obviously, if you don't do your reading, annotating, and highlighting assigned, you will receive a 0 for that grade.

Rubric for Highlighting and Annotation

As you read, you will need to have 5 different colored highlighters, map-colors, or some other such utensil to mark the development of the following 5 themes:

Sibling Rivalry

Romantic/Ill-fated Love


Importance of Social Status

Dreams as a path to self-realization

The reliability of the narrators in WH may not always be objective in their telling of the story. As you read, write in your novel, or make a note in the text that refers to your typed commentary, comments regarding passages where Lockwood's or Nelly Dean's commentary distorts what is really happening in the text.


Thirdly, make notes in your text, or again, a note to your typed commentary on the development of the following characters:







March 22: Chs. 1-6

March 24: Chs. 7-11

March 26: Chs. 12-17

March 30: Chs: 18-21

April 1: Chs. 22-25

April 5: Chs. 26-30

April 7: Chs. 31-34